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Larry Raines Jr(also known as Drizzle“/”Driz) was born 1985 in Okinawa, Japan as the only child of Larry and Lisa Raines. Throughout adolescence, Larry and his family relocated several times, as is common when a family member is enlisted in the military. As a result, he has lived in England, Germany, Alaska, Japan (twice), Hawaii, and Delaware, and “Drizzle” has been exposed to a host of different musical influences that contributed to his artistic scope through such travels.

“Drizzle” became interested in Hip Hop music in 2001 after being noticed for his poetry by a friend he regards as an “older brother”, Keitric King. While tempering his emcee skills, “Driz” became a formidable producer and songwriter. He jumped into producing self teaching himself along the way in late 2001 starting out using the now well known program FL Studios, but now currently using Reason. His unique blend of orchestral, Hip Hop-driven tracks and amalgamated flow has created a sound that enthralls the masses.

While living in “the 302 (Delaware), Larry networked with other individuals having a passion for creating music to charter “Top Fight” (also known as T-Fleezy, LLC) in an effort to foster change in both music and culture. During his residency in Delaware, Drizzle also managed to release three mix-tapes: “Sick Wit It“, “Project D.E.M.O.“, and “Juggernaut“.

Larry’s drive and desire to produce articulate and conceptual music to his listeners led “Driz” and “T-Fleezy” to GrynDE Hawse, LLC. Currently, Drizzle is focused on completing his studio album, “The Drizzle Midas LP“, and looking forward to collaborating with other GrynDE Hawse music artists in the near future.

Twitter: Drizzle302

Facebook: Ya Boy Drizzle

Instagram: Drizzle302