Yuso Dam Wyldman 91.3 WVUD O.G. Nitty Radio Interview Pt.2 (Video)

GrynDE Hawse Superstar Comedian Yuso Dam Wyldman sat down with 91.3 WVUD radio personality O.G. Nitty on Sunday. Here is the part 2 of the interview. [wpvideo scywJyUQ] Related articles Yuso Dam Wyldman on with O.G. Nitty on 91.3 WVUD Radio 7.7.13 (Video Pt. 1) (gryndehawse.com) Yuso Dam Wyldman Pics from O.G. Nitty Radio Show […]

Yuso Dam Wyldman on with O.G. Nitty on 91.3 WVUD Radio 7.7.13 (Video Pt. 1)

Yuso Dam Wyldman sat down with O.G. Nitty on 91.3 WVUD Radio today and did what he does…COMEDY! Check out Part 1 of Yuso Dam Wyldman‘s interview. More to come!!! [wpvideo VOyhbPl8]   Related articles GrynDE Hawse Comedy presents: Larry Duper in…Surrounded by Naggars! (gryndehawse.com) 54th Street Lounge Presents: The Stax Nificent Comedy Show featuring […]

Dance: Irukandji (Deadly Jellyfish) by Johnell Cheong

Johnell Cheong is a multi-talented artist…literally, and the Creator and Master of IRUKANDJI, The Deadly Jellyfish. Irukandji is a form of dance. Deadly Jellyfish is the English translation. Irukandji is a form of breaking and pop locking, but can be performed to any kind of music. Its form without form. Power without power. Combinations of […]

Ask Larry Duper LIVE: Feelings on Obama and Black Voting Rights!

Larry Duper, the black redneck form Sussex County, Delaware took to the UStream airwaves this past Tuesday to answer any and all questions that the people wanted to ask. The event was supposed to last an hour, but Yuso Dam Wyldman did a few minutes shy of 3 hours as Larry Duper! GrynDE Hawse has […]

New Video: B.o.a.t. “In My Zone”

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YLkXnGwFEnw] GrynDE Hawse artist and Family member B.o.a.t. drops his latest audio visual offering “In My Zone” produced by Cash Jordan. B.o.a.t. takes you on a sobering storytelling adventure as he details his triumphs over life’s crazy struggles in “In My Zone”. Check out the video as the only thing Boatman didn’t do this […]