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Happy holidays to those choosing to participate in the sacrificing of #SweetMarysNectar on this beautiful spring afternoon. In celebration of a segment of the population going green for a day, we figured let’s release our personal cannabis anthem! On the real though; what you are about to view is the culmination of a lot grynDE’n, some playin’, & a ton collaborating on behalf of many creative individuals. It’s the official release of ReadyGang/GHawse artist Skeen’s newest single  “I Really Like”! The track was produced by TFleezy’s young gun J. Random, and the video was done by the lovely Jamissa of Peace Living Films!  You’ll be able to find the single in most of your favorite digital stores and radio stations and in some you probably haven’t heard of if you’re the US.

In true stoner fashion it released a lil later than anticipated due to a lil case of the 420’s on 4/20. We’ll be  also droppin’ some nugs of savings on that ass if you swing buy our FB and Twitter pages!  Now kick back, get your elevating device(s), and get some of this #EarCronic provided by  the SkeenAge aka Skeen!

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