M.A. Cee-Kings – “Float On” (Video)

[wpvideo uedbdjUZ] Released in late 2011, M.A. Cee-Kings’ mixtape, The Man and the Machine is still making noise. A tokers anthem, “Float On” is the last song on The Man and the Machine. If you’re a floater LIGHT UP! You can DOWNLOAD The Man and the Machine mixtape below. DOWNLOAD: The Man and the Machine Mixtape […]

New Music: M.A. Cee-Kings – Stories Out My Life

On the song Stories Out My Life, M.A. Cee-Kings puts you in the moment with some descriptive storytelling about one of his run ins with the law. Check out the skits in between the verses as Mack takes you back to the scene of the crime. Laced over the Stalley Fountain of Youth instrumental, Stories Out […]

New Video: M.A. Cee-Kings “Money In Tha Bank”

[youtube=http://youtu.be/rRGlZqifLlw] When it comes to witty bars just listen to the data source! M.A. Cee-Kings delivers another classic hip hop remix with “Money in tha Bank”. Armed with a insight and a mean flow, M.A. Cee-Kings weaves a tapestry of street commentary on society’s social ills. Wordplay is on 1000 as the Delaware eMCee takes […]

New Music: M.A. Cee-Kings – She Made Me Love Her

Delaware’s Most Official eMCee, M.A. Cee-Kings takes this smoothed out jazz record produced by The Hum Drum and turns it into a loved filled adventure. “She Made Me Love Her” listens more like a audio book as M.A. Cee-Kings turns the pages on this storytelling masterpiece. Caught up by the powers of physical attraction, Mack lets you know […]

New Music: Drizzle – Juggernaut Mixtape (Free Download)

GrynDE Hawse artist, an 1/2 of the T Fleezy duo Drizzle dropped the Juggernaut Mixtape in 2012 and he has been ablaze ever since! One of the Delaware’s rising superstars, Drizzle captivates the listener with a super fast cadence flow and thought provoking rhymes. 10 solid tracks make this Juggernaut Mixtape a force to be reckoned with. Stream the […]