Dance: Irukandji (Deadly Jellyfish) by Johnell Cheong

Johnell Cheong is a multi-talented artist…literally, and the Creator and Master of IRUKANDJI, The Deadly Jellyfish. Irukandji is a form of dance. Deadly Jellyfish is the English translation. Irukandji is a form of breaking and pop locking, but can be performed to any kind of music. Its form without form. Power without power. Combinations of […]

New Photos: Yuso Dam Wyldman, The GrynDE Hawse Family, and Friends at The Stax-Nificent Comedy Show

After another great night of comedy, Yuso Dam Wyldman and the GrynDE Hawse Family did what they do…show love and take pics! Here are a few snapshots from of the G.H.F. with friends after The Stax-Nificent Comedy Show at the 54th Street Lounge in Philly. Enjoy!!! #GrynDEHawseFamily