GrynDE Hawse, LLC & Preacher Boi Entertainment Presents: Sunday Night Laugh Revivals

GrynDE Hawse, LLC & Preacher Boi Entertainment Presents: Sunday Night Laugh Revivals starring Matt Black in the upstairs of Timothy’s in Newark Delaware, Sunday November 10th 2013. The show will be hosted by Yuso Dam Wyld Man and features comedians Pretty Smilez, Lamarr Todd and DUFF! Tickets are $10. $15 at the door. Come out […]

UPDATE: Skeen & Drizzle Will Be Hitting The Soul Fussion “VERSE” Stage TONIGHT!!!

You read it right! Skeen & Drizzle will be performing tonight on the Soul Fussion “VERSE” at Spaceboy Clothing in Wilmington, DE! Come out and support the GrynDE Hawse Family, and the other acts participating in tonight’s event! #READYGANG #TFLEEZY #GRYNDEHAWSE  

Yuso Dam Wyldman Pics from O.G. Nitty Radio Show on 93.1WVUD! #GrynDEHawse

GrynDE Hawse Superstar Comedian Yuso Dam Wyldman¬†and members of the GrynDE Hawse Family sat down with 93.1 WVUD radio host O.G. Nitty and family to discuss comedy, his personal feelings and GrynDE Hawse today. Yuso absolutely killed the show and left O.G. Nitty with arguably one of the best interviews in 2013! Here are some […]


Ask Larry Duper LIVE!!! The Black Redneck from Sussex County, Delaware your questions tonight LIVE via UStream! This is a “NO HOLDS BARRED” event! Larry Duper will be answering all of your questions LIVE on U-Stream tonight starting at 8PM. Show ends at 9PM so GET READY!!!! We are expecting heavy traffic tonight so make […]

New Photos: GrynDE Hawse Family and Friends after Soul Fussion Performance at Spaceboy

The GrynDE Hawse Family rocked the Soul Fussion Stage at Spaceboy Clothing in Wilmington, Delaware Friday night! Ready Gang’s Skeen, T Fleezy’s Drizzle and GrynDE Hawse Liken #1, M.A. Cee-Kings R.I.P.’d the stage! Even a technical difficulty couldn’t keep the home team down. Here are some of the candids from Friday night. Enjoy!!! – GrynDE […]

Yuso Dam Wyldman Rips The Stax-Nificent Comedy Show at the 54th Street Lounge!

[wpvideo NrLr5CKG] If you missed Yuso Dam Wyldman tear the crowd up at the Stax-Nificent Comedy show last night at the 54th Street Lounge in Philadelphia, PA #LOGOFF It was a rough crowd and they wasn’t giving up nothing! You had to make them laugh. A heckler even retired a few comics sets before they […]

GrynDE Hawse Family Performs on the Soul Fussion Stage at Spaceboy in Wilmington, DE

The GrynDE Hawse Family RIPPED the Soul Fussion Stage at Spaceboy Clothing last night in Wilmington, Delaware. Here are some more performances. First up ¬†is Drizzle performing his SMASH single “My Moment” featuring Skeen. Next we have Skeen performing his HIT single “Don’t Change”, and then Skeen performing something new called “Feel So Alive”. [wpvideo […]

M.A. Cee-Kings Performs “One for da Hustlas” at Spaceboy Video Clip

[wpvideo cDWTY6Kh] M.A. Cee-Kings performs his new single “One for da Hustlas” for the first time on the Soul Fusion stage at Spaceboy Clothing in Wilmington, Delaware last night! RIP the stage!!! After a hyping up the crowd, M.A. Cee-Kings show disc wouldn’t read. He put Drizzle on to perform. Just when all seemed lost, […]