Wattup wattup world?! Ya’ll hopped on here to see some dope shit…RIGHT?! Well at the moment we ain’t GOT NO FUCKS GIVEN abouts the goins ons on this site right now! WHY?! Because our good friend, “THE WEBMASTER”, is fiddling his muhfukkin fingers all over this keyboard…trying to decide which effects and looks to go with. No, no, no…there’s  no need to go thinking you gon’ have a say or a vote in what we’re doing here…BECAUSE YOU DON’T!! So we say sorry…or at least THEY say sorry for holding y’all up!! The site will be up and running with a great “RELAUNCH” very soon!! In the meantime…go to Facebook and ‘like’ our GrynDEHawse LLC. fan page where you can interact with us there!!! SEE YA SOON!!!! – YUSO

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